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I was once told that i only ever drew women with their legs up in the air. A thirteen year old me was utterly furious at such a statement, and i sulked for hours, but decades later, i'm still guilty as charged. Admittedly I did spend much of my free time in The British Museum marvelling at the curves beyond the stone clad drapery of the women and goddesses in the Greek and Roman section, wondering who modelled for these great statues, and what their daily lives were like. Who were they? Did they have a story?

It comes as no surprise that i have a particular appreciation for the works of Homer, Marc Chagall, Tracey Emin and the ancient artworks of Bronze Age Greece; basically, the places where women are mentioned and remembered. I have a penchant for Cameos, Intaglios and postage stamps that feature strong, female profiles and these often sneak into my artwork. In short, i like to tell the story of women, past and present.

I graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design with a BA (hons) Graphic Design for Communication and a PGCE from The Institute of Education UCL. I have lectured on a wide range of art and design courses, fine art and digital. Originally from London's Covent Garden, I now live and work in Normandy, France.

This site features some historic digital design work, fine art works in progress, and personal projects. I work in Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour and projected installations.

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