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Christine is an English artist and illustrator who grew up in London's vibrant Covent Garden, in what now seems like a bygone age; she lived just a stones throw from the old fruit and vegetable market and historic Drury Lane, where she went to school.

Her affinity with art started young, and was no doubt influenced in part by watching her haute couturier mother fitting clothes with her clients. The colour and drapery of the textiles around the female form made a lasting impression, as did the many afternoons spent wandering around the Greek and Roman galleries of the British Museum.

​Fast forward a few years through what she describes as her misguided youth, Christine ended up at Chelsea College of Art and Design and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design Communication, which was swiftly followed with a Masters level PGCE from the Institute of Education, UCL.
As a qualified teacher, she lectured on a wide range of art and design courses in central London, from entry level to undergraduate, and combined this with her own freelance digitial graphic design work, mainly working with Adobe Creative Suite.

​Christine now lives in Normandy, and has returned to painting, with much of her artwork focussing around themes of history, religion and rememberance. Her work is highly saturated and she has a particular appreciation for the artworks of
The Fauves, Marc Chagall, Tracey Emin and also the frescoes of ancient Mycenae and Etruria. The historical role, psychological projection and rememberance of women are a consistent theme that she often returns to.